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Is There Any Difference between Web Design and Web Development?

Companies maintain a positive public figure by keeping their website up to date. Customers will keep on looking for goods and services online. They do this by looking at websites of different companies. Companies whose websites are eye catching are at a higher chance of attracting many customers. Thus, it becomes the responsibility of a firm to keep developing their website to strike the attention of new clients as they storm in the internet.

To achieve the above, companies need the services of a web designer and a web developer. Web designing is entirely the job of a web designer while web development is left in the hands of a web developer. This leaves the task of hiring both experts to handle individual tasks independent of each other.

One of the task that a web designer handles is designing a website. Anytime the eyes of a customer lands on the face of a website, he/she should understand that the person behind what she/he is looking at is attributed to a web designer. Other than attracting new clients, a website is made in such a way to retain old clients. Thus, there is need to make a website fascinating. The other bit to question about a website is its usability. It interests client more whenever they are able to handle a website easily. It therefore becomes the responsibility of a web designer to use features that are easy to manipulate.

Other notable differences include the type of design programs a web developer will use from those of a web developer. For example, a web developer will use JavaScript while a web designer Adobe Photoshop. Apart from these two programs being different from each other, both perform different functions. Furthermore the features for both are also differentiated.

There is a possibility of you wondering why the need to hire services of two professionals. What you don’t know is that, your business reduces chances of dying due to lack of customers. Both the sales and profit you get improve. Even before a web designer sets to begin his/her job, they must first assess the products, services and general shape of your business. Thereafter, they will be able to come up with a design that suits your business. Without exaggeration, customers will get the kind of satisfaction they deserve after being served by your staff.

Web developers use new technologies to enhance how a website functions. This therefore implies that, at no point will your website lag behind to failure of updates. It is very crucial to keep your website updated with latest features as technology advances. As a matter of fact, businesses become more efficient when they use the latest technology.